Queensland Baked, Queensland Loved.

We have been lovingly preparing freshly baked goods for South-East Queensland Families for over 60 years. Our range includes traditional breads, organic breads, bread rolls, tortillas, gluten free bread, European-style breads, specialty breads and a selection of sweet products.

Our Values

  • We are passionate about baking for the wellbeing and good health of all people.
  • We are dedicated to purchasing “local” wherever possible…..using real ingredients from Australian Growers.
  • We care about who we supply and who supplies us; always striving to provide superior customer service and foster valued relations with business partners.
  • We believe that being open minded and determined brings the ultimate in food innovation.
  • We look after people – we serve as an active community member; employees are considered “valued assets”.
  • We provide opportunities, encourage our people to develop talents, build confident & skilled individuals believing that a diverse team of well-trained people inspires a highly engaged workforce.
  • We grow our business sustainably and profitably to drive success and ensure we can invest back into our community.
  • We value our environment and continually improve our understanding of how to live in a sustainable manner and prosper.

Our proud history

During the history of Gold Coast Bakeries, many changes have taken place, for both the bakery and the marketplace. For over 60 years Harvey Marrable and his family remained a constant until recent changes in ownership. Their contribution to the baking industry and key traditions like their passion for baking, using quality local ingredients wherever possible and giving back to the community will still live on as Gold Coast Bakeries embarks on a new journey as Gold Coast Baking Company Pty Ltd.

We are proud to say the company will stay 100% Queensland family owned and operated. We are grateful for the unique opportunity to build upon an already established and well-loved brand and look forward to bringing our skills and experience to the business, welcoming a successful and exciting future.

Our Baking Process

Bread baking is part science, part art.

It is the product of a mixture of flour, water, salt, yeast and other ingredients, mixed together to form a dough. Our dough is mixed using either high speed mechanical dough mixers, or spiral mixers, which develop the protein (gluten) contained in the flour, to form an extensible dough structure that will capture the carbon dioxide produced by the yeast, to enable the dough to rise.

After mixing the dough is divided into dough pieces of the required weight. It is then allowed to rest for approx. 10 minutes before being moulded into the required shape. The dough is then placed into a baking tin, or on a baking tray, where it is then put into a temperature and humidity controlled proofer where the dough rises for about one hour before being baked, cooled, spiced and/or packaged.

As a plant bread bakery we do all of this on a very large scale, with our baking process heavily automated. Our mixers can mix up to 350kg of dough every 5 minutes. Our main bread plant bakes 3,300 loaves of bread per hour. Though our bread roll plant we can bake 700dz hamburgers each hour, our tortilla plant makes around 1,000 tortillas an hour.

Not only can we produce large quantities, but with around 300 different varieties, we produce just about every type of bread that you can think of.

All of this not only involves a lot of machinery, but also requires a lot of fine-tuning adjustments to ingredients and processes, to enable us to produce large quantities of bread. The ingredients that we use (particularly flour) do vary, as does atmospheric conditions. We are constantly making small changes to achieve a consistent product.

As a plant bakery much of what we do is combination of engineering, science and technology, but at the same time requires the strong involvement of people to produce your daily bread.

Trusted Supplier

We only work with the best and most trusted local suppliers, all Australia based.