Benefits and features

Olê Wheat Tortillas are food for party people, lovers or loners, people with flair, people who like to create, for those who lack cooking skills and those who excel at it, people in the fast lane, for people who like to stay at home or need a quick bite to eat before going out. Olê is for everyone!

Olê allows you to be as exotic as you like, as healthy as you like, as experimental as you like, or you can simply fill your tummy.

Your whole family or all your friends will have fun whilst helping to prepare their Olê Tortillas – and you can relax knowing you are doing your bit to help them remain healthy and happy.

Olê Tortillas can also easily be heated to enjoy as a healthier pizza base or in traditional dishes such as Burritos, Tacos, Enchiladas, Fajitas and Quesadillas.

Why not try these yummy recipes for your next Olê experience?

-       Spread some hommus and add tabouli, sliced BBQ chicken and tahini sauce for a real Lebanese taste sensation.

-       Try a traditional combination of balsamic vinegar, Spanish onion, pitted olives, feta cheese, baby spinach leaves and

         tomato for a gourmet Greek experience

-       Slice up some BBQ rissoles, sausages or bacon. Add cheese, beetroot and pineapple. A great Aussie burger lunch!