Golden Hearth – The healthy alternative

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Golden Hearth’s Organic Breads are a healthy and nutritious everyday bread alternative. The ingredients used and the way in which these breads are made  fully conform with the standards of the Biological Farmers of Australia and the Australian Standards for Organic and Bio-Dynamic Product. Our range of Organic breads, including our four certified 100% organic lines include:

-    680g Organic Stoneground Wholemeal Bread
-    680g Organic Stoneground Multigrain Bread
-    680g Organic Stoneground Light Bread
-    900g Organic Heavy Wholegrain bread

 Our two new Golden Hearth breads baked with organic flour:

-    Classic Fruit Loaf
-    Soy and Linseed Bread

 Our three new gluten-free breads are available in:

-    White
-    Seeded 
-    Fruit 

All Golden Hearth breads are filled with the goodness provided by added fibre and nutrients, making them the perfect choice for those more health-conscious individuals. The organic ingredients used are cultivated and processed with:

• NO chemically synthesised growth promoters, weedicides, pesticides, fungicides or fumigants.
• NO artificial fertilisers
These breads do not contain any GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organics) or any Synthetic Chemical Additives. Enjoy the wholesome and nutritional goodness of bread the way nature intended.

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